Certified ICE Trainers

What dogs say about ICE trainers...


 "Wrooroo! Which ICE Trainer is which, Becca?'"


"Woof! These ICE trainers all look alike to me, Keaton."


"Yip, if I close my eyes, I can't tell the difference. Alrighty then, enough with the ribbon photos. I want to put some sheep on ICE!"

Photographer - Leslie Townsend

List of Certified ICE Trainers

Julia Patten
Corrales NM.
To contact Julia-
Email-  jpattenICE@aol.com
Website- www.cocopahfarms.com
Shawna Davis
Dewey AZ
To contact Shawna-
Email- sdavis.5@netzero.net
  Linda McDaniel
Alamogorado NM
To contact Linda
Email- elkrunaussies@aol.com  



Painted Seven Ranch

Dawna, Mike, Megan & Tyler Sims

Dewey, Arizona

(928) 533-1108