Gone But Not Forgotten


Bo- Mollys Mr Bo Jangels Dude OTDds STDc

Bo was a ONCE in a lifetime dog! You know one of those Rin Tin Tin, Old Yeller, Lassie kind of dogs! He came to us as a two year old, who had already had many homes. When he came to us we could not leave him for 10 minutes or he would tear crates, doors, windows, anything apart to get to us because of his severe separation anxiety. Once he realized he was home for good he would stay in our yard with the gate open for as long as we wanted.


When Bo was 7 I decided I wanted to trial him. I put him on sheep and he could fetch like he had been doing it his whole life. It seemed he had learned the job from laying outside of the ring for many hours watching us train other dogs!

He was a true 'pack leader'. If Bo walked into the room every dog would practicaly bow down to him.


Bo you will forever be in my heart. I will never get used you not sleeping next to me every night and not seeing your face every morning! You will always be my gardian Angel!!






Dakota- PSR Dakota Bear

Dakota was a pretty girl with an attitude! She was known as the 'fun police' at the house. I tried to do obiedence with her while I was in 4-H......She had other plans.....stay....YA RIGHT!

Even though she never got any stock titles she was stock savy and passed it on to her kids, Dylan and Gracee who went on to be my first and second WTCH!

You will forever be in our hearts Kota-Bear!!





Roxee- SkyRyders Rock On at PSR

Roxee, you where taken to soon from this world, I would not trade the time we had together for the anything!











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