A Day In The Life At PSR


Dawna with her Main man Rex and Miss Bali!


         Quinn giving the EVIL eye!         Annnie looking very serious!                                      

Parker showing the sense of humor he has!


Jada and Ruger waiting for the ball!


Buck showing his regal side.              Bali is ON IT!

Deeter taking his job very seriously.


Z and Secret!!






Corey is as focused on a ball as he is on a cow !



Boo shows that a Frenchie can take on the world (or maybe just a pack of Aussies and BCs)!



Tyler and PSRs Rocky!



THE KING showing his silly side!




Mylee and Tequila show that there are LOTS of reasons to smile at PSR!




Tyler showing his softer side, holding a lamb and taking a nap with our 2013 Rex/Destiny litter.




Megan pounding tee posts on the ranch.      Dawna taking a stroll in Cali with her girls Jada and Z.



Dawna with the pack in Cali!




Mike and Dawna playing with Bali in Cali!



Tyler and JackJack Chillin at a conformation show!



Dawna and Fenn "gettin down" in the grass!       Megan and Trinket after working stock!





Megan and Andi waiting for there run at a trial!     Kaitee giving Megan little doggie kissis!





Dirty dogs are HAPPY dogs as shown here by Buck, Haylee and Mylee!




Cristina trimming Pilots nails! What a good boy!        Dawna and ICE instructures Cathy and Julia "playing" with the cows!






Painted Seven Ranch

Dawna, Mike, Megan & Tyler Sims

Dewey, Arizona

(928) 533-1108