Pedigree of:

Skyryders Sharp Dressed Man
Skyryders Oh So Fine
Black F=14.01%
E116195 DL87043901
Ch Blue Chips Seymour CD DNA-CP
Blue C/W AS-12995F25M-T F=10.22%
E89578 DL67652302
VCH WTCH CH Shadowruns Quintessence CDX DNA-CP HOF
E52399 DL46600501
Ch Chrisdavas Silver Sands CD STDds
Ch Red Banks Bluberry O Shadowrun CD STDcds
Soundtrack Sugar MagSoundtracks Hifive of Ironwood
Soundtracks Tipoffov O'Rock
Ch Starswepts Fine China
Black C/W AS-15202G24F F=17.34%
E100756 DL77206906
Ch My Main Man of Heatherhill
E37175 DL40345702
Ch Agua Dulce Final Option DNA-CP
Moonspinner of Brigadoon
Ch Happydays Starswept Fancy That
E47086 DL41716002
Ch Starswepts Standing Room Only
Ch Minavoras Encore of Happy Days
Ch Skyryders Stand Up And Cheer
Blue AS-16874F31F-PI F=16.99%
E103967 DL80268302
Ch Makita Hot Tip By Starswept
Blue C/W AS-13118G25M F=15.33%
E89588 DL68683503
Ch Agua Dulce Hot Shot
E63711 DL50187901
Ch Agua Dulce Mondays Snowonder
Agua Dulce Midnight Whisper
Starswept-Makita Dublfeature STDcs
E71172 DL54975301
Ch Windhills Shine On Macon
Ch Starswept White Glove Affair
Ch Makitas Secretaffairofironwood
Black C/W AS-10317G30F F=12.23%
E67848 DL53990401
Ch Agua Dulce Final Option DNA-CP
E25864 DL41353801
Ch Winchesters Rollin Rapids
Ch Country Hotline of Agua Dulce CDX
Makitas Affair of the Heart
E47216 DL49502301
Ch Sand Canyons One Step Ahead
Bearfoots Hard Hearted Hanna STDds
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