StarN Legends Unstoppable





MDR1- Cleared by parantage

HC- cleared by parantage

Black Tri C/W trim



 Legends Country Strong HOF WTCH Graingers Everredy Legends Edi PATDsc, PTDs, AFTDs, HATD111sdc
WTCH Legends StarN Say GNite Gracie AFTDs
 CH StarN Meant To Be By Testamony CD asca/akc CH Windspirit Great Mesanger
CH Avalones Devine Testamony


  Jase's Story...


We got Jase from StarN and Legends Aussies. He is a very cool little pup, showing very nice instincts on stock, very sound structured and a lovely temperment!! Megan has big plans for this boy.....watch for them in the stock and conformation rings in the future!!





Pictured here at 8 weeks old!




Painted Seven Ranch

Dawna, Mike, Megan & Tyler Sims

Dewey, Arizona

(928) 533-1108