Legends One and Only  PT



WTCH Graingers Evrredy Legends Edi PATDsc RTDs OFTDs, High Combined ASCA Natls 08 High Combined ASCA Specialty '09 (Two Littermates are WTCHs & Finals Stockdog Qualif)

HOF WTCh Vests Bell Star Gent RTDs DNA-CP

HOF WTCH Starstuffs Blocky Butt Bailie DNA-VP

WTCH Legends StarN Say GNite Gracie AFTDs, #1 started dog ASCA merits all stock, Nationals open placements

HOF WTCH Legends of Teewinot's Talon PATDsc RTDs, Nationals Winner WI Sheep, Finals qualifier,

Legends StarN Rite Up My Ally OTDd ATDds CD RA (2 legs RE)

HC-cleared by parantage

MDR1- cleared by parantage

About Addie.......

We bought Addie from Legends Aussies Anne/Steve Shope, she was born a single puppy, but it did not effect her in the least.

Addie is showing great promise on all stock!! She is keen as can be, has punch on cattle yet precision on ducks! She is structuraly very correct, and a joy to live with!


Look for Miss Addison and Dawna in the future!


Black C/W





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